I’ve done several long road trips this year to my old home (now sold) and my grandparents and recently a family vacation in florida. Needless to say those long car rides can get a little tiring and can be really hard on the body. Here are 10 tips for surviving a long road trip.

1. Invest in a good lumbar pillow!

Or if you want to save money roll up a towel or your jacket for some back support. Whoever was in charge of designing car seats clearly didn’t consult a chiropractor! According to my chiropractor you want it to be a little higher than what you think. About a couple inches below your shoulder blades. Here is one I’ve used and liked.

2. Schedule a Chiropractor appointment before and after.

Getting an adjustment can really help loosen you up and make you more mindful of your posture overall and getting one after is a must! My knees start bothering me so much after long drives. If you don’t have a chiropractor and live in or around Florence you should check out Palmetto Chiromed. I go to Dr. Wenner, he’s super friendly and helpful.

3. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are so awesome for long trips especially if you’re alone. I love listening to music but after awhile it all starts sounding the same and makes me a little sleepy. A good adventure book or mystery or even a book about American history (if you’re into that like I am of late…hey with everyone attacking American History so much I have to find out for myself what really happened!) is just the thing to wake me back up. Here’s a list of some I’ve enjoyed recently:

One Second After

Might not want to listen to this while driving alone. lol Its a fictional book about what might happen if America was hit by EMPs. The characters are really interesting and it really gets you thinking.

A Voice in the Wind: Mark of the Lion book 1  

This series is awesome! If you like Christian fiction this is the book for you. Set in the Roman times not long after Jesus’ death on the cross this story follows a young girl taken from her home and family and sold as a slave. She suffers many hardships but her faith in God helps her through and touches many she comes in contact with.

Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White 

This is fascinating! Really important read in this day and age. You’ll be shocked by some of the things you’ll learn about America’s history in regards to slavery and our founding fathers. Including the background and origin of the democratic and republican parties.

Feminist Fantasies

Another relevant topic for today this book addresses the pay gap theory and several other feminist ideas. I found it very interesting.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil & Citrus Fresh

Peppermint is great for putting behind your ears and under your nose to wake you up or even on your stomach if you’re prone to getting car sick. Add some Citrus Fresh to you’re water for flavor and energy boost without the caffeine. This is the brand I use.

5. Pour-over Coffee

Who am I kidding…I love my caffeine! Grabbing a good pour over or latte from your favorite local coffee shop or finding a cool new one in a town you’re passing by is a must. And a fun little adventure. I love discovering new cool coffee shops when I travel.

6. Car Games

Look up some good car games before you leave, if you’re traveling with someone. The ABC sign game is a fun one!

7. Bring on the Snacks

If you’re on a budget pack some fun food beforehand so you can avoid the fast food options and stay healthy. If its not cold you can stop off at a rest stop for a picnic! 🙂

8. Car Diffuser

I’ve not gotten one of these before but I hope to soon! Perfect for making your car smell nice and fresh.

9. Cute updos & Cedarwood

My hair can get so full of static when I’m traveling up north that it drives me insane! I think the best remedy is to braid it or do a cute topknot, if you’re hair is long enough. Another option is to run a drop of cedarwood essential oil through your hair, this will add shine and fight the static. Dryer sheets can help too!

10. Take plenty of breaks and stretch it out!

This is probably the most important and the hardest if you want to get to your destination by a certain time. But it really is the best thing you can do. We we’re not meant to sit for hours on end you have to get up and walk around to get the blood flow going and stretch out the kinks. Its worth leaving earlier so you can make more stops, trust me!

Of course sometimes you just want to get there as quick as possible and that’s find too. But make sure when you do stop you try to get in a little stretch and walk around a bit.

And that’s my 10 tips for surviving long road trips. If you have any tips, audiobook or car game suggestions of your own I’d love to hear it!

Emily Lynn