Girls Night IdeasI love hanging out with my girlfriends and settling down to a chick flick with wine and snacks but sometimes you need to get away from the TV and get out and try new things. Here are a few fun girls night ideas to change things up!

International Night
Have each person bring one dish from a different country and look up one traditional game to teach the rest of the group.Girls Picnic

Build a Blanket Fort

Embracing your inner child seems to be a popular thing these days. What better way than building an epic blanket fort in your living room with your girlfriends?! Afterwards hangout and play games or get a list of fun questions to ask each other. You might be surprised at how much you didn’t know about your best friends.

girls night picnic Ice Cream + Toppings

Get some plain vanilla ice cream and have everyone bring a favorite topping. Or if you want to go the healthy route and keep that summer body in check make you’re own “Nice Cream” using frozen bananas and berries. Great for an evening by the pool!

Spa Night

Everyone needs a pamper night and its especially fun with your girlfriends. Get yourself some bentonite clay, essential oils and cider vinegar to create a face mask that will leave your skin smooth and glowing and get some Epsom salt with lavender essential oil for a relaxing foot soak.Girls Night Picnic

Have a Picnic

Its been so long since I’ve gone out on a picnic with friends. Last time was so much fun. We made mini apple pies in little mason jars for desert and brought stuff for sandwiches. Go with your girlfriends to a park and have a good old fashioned picnic and take the opportunity to get dressed up and have a fun photo shoot!


Best thing to remember when throwing a party or having a girls night is to keep it simple. Don’t have too many things going at once or its overwhelming. Remember its about the quality time spent together more than how cute everything looks or what all you’re doing.

Emily Lynn