affogato-3Ever since finding this super cool coffee website (which I lost and am really sad about) where I first heard about Affogato’s I had been really wanting to try it. On our last trip to Charleston we finally had the chance to. So delicious! And actually super simple to make on your own. Probably the simplest desert ever! All it is is Gelato and a shot of espresso. THATS it! If you have an espresso maker you should give it a try!

Since I bought myself a small stovetop espresso maker I can make all the Affogatos I want. SUPER dangerous! But I’m strong I’ll be good…..maybe…I could make another right now…so easy! But I wont! Or will I?

Tune in next time to find if Emily resisted and stayed on the straight and narrow or if she gave into the delicious temptation to make Affogato’s to her hearts content….

affogatoaffogato-5 affogato-6 affogato-9
Getting cozy and enjoy the fruits of my hard earned labor. 😉



Emily Lynn


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    November 8, 2016

    Omg I want some so bad! and you look super cute in the last pic btw

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      Emily Lynn

      November 8, 2016

      Haha thanks! Come over and I’ll make you one! 😉