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What a week!  I had a wonderful time attending my first fashion show.  But I must admit, I’m happy it’s over.  Since it was the first one in Florence (and the first one I’ve ever attended) I didn’t want to miss out on a single moment, so I signed up for all three shows.  But a socialite I am not.  And I’m happy to have my evenings free again and to relax at home.  I’m perfectly content with my pumpkin, and normal life! 😉

The first night, as you saw, was a really fun night–especially since some friends were able to join me. The next evening was the high fashion event, featuring designers: Michi Knitwear, Lisa N. Hoang, Talbots, Lauren DeVaughn, Tailored By Tipp, Jevwe Mukoro, and others, including a bridal line. It was such a neat experience seeing all the unique and creative looks they came up with.  Some were ‘out there’ for me, but interesting nonetheless.

I flew solo to this show and got there earlier than I probably should have, ha-ha.  I had the opportunity to walk around to see some of the vendors before the show and get some snacks.  Apparently Hotel Florence now has a spa! So if you’re staying in Florence for a weekend…you should check it out!  Once I ran out of things to keep me busy, I decided to retreat to the bathroom for a little bit so I wasn’t standing in everyone’s way before the show, ha-ha.  As I said….I’m no socialite….but I like to pretend sometimes. 😉   Here are a few photos from the show—Enjoy!

For my outfit I was inspired by the little white dress collection from the other night and went with a white midi bodycon dress with white heels and my black moto jacket. I’m always so cold!



I really liked this one. Reminded me a bit of Jasmine from Aladin. I’d wear it if the waist line came up higher and the bottom was a bit more flowy and skirt-like. I like them as pants though.

fashion week side slit dress

Love the simplicity of this one. Looks very chic and elegant!


This one was so cute! I love the skirt and the floral cutouts!


This was interesting. I really like the top and the overall feel of it. I’d like a top like that with the straps just going front to back. Not coming up to the neck. Then pair it with a breezy white skirt! Where have you been all my life?! lol


This was the most different of the looks for the night. It makes me think of the 1700s Marie Antoinette era to some extent….mixed with a ship wrecked sailor look as my sister would say. 😉

fashionweek2-4fashionweek2-3  fashionweek2-2 fashionweek2



I loved this! And the model…..she was fierce! So fun to watch.


Think this was from the Talbots collection. I really want to go there now and checkout this jacket!



fashionweekbridal fashionweekbridal-2

This wedding dress from the Bridal collection was to die for! I love the detachable skirt and the high neck! It was definitely a crowd pleaser as everyone was cheering for this one. Especially when they saw it turn into a cute romper.

My Outfit:


Shoes old. Looking to replace them here soon


Necklace (old) Express

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Stay tuned for details of the 3rd and final day of Fashion Week Florence later this week. 🙂

Runway Photos by me 🙂



Emily Lynn


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    April 19, 2016

    You look fabulous, Miss Emily. As always. You’re doing a great job. Tina and I are enjoying it very much. Love you

    • Reply

      Emily Lynn

      April 19, 2016

      Thank you 🙂 Love you guys!

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    April 19, 2016

    So jealous! Love all the different styles from the fashion show–looks like it was a really fun event! Thank you for letting us share in your adventures. 🙂

    • Reply

      Emily Lynn

      April 20, 2016

      haha It was! Would’ve been really fun if you could’ve come with me!