There’s just something about a field of flowers that just makes you feel good and brightens your day. I’ve always wanted to have a lavish flower garden but I’m so bad at gardening ha-ha. It would end up a lavish weed garden. I grow weeds real well. ūüėČ

During our stay in Daegu South Korea my sister and brother-in-law took me and my brother to visit E-World. E-world is pretty much their version of a Disney theme park. They even had some Disney music playing! My favorite part of the theme park was definitely all the photo ops.  They had so many cute little setups for taking fun selfies!

While we were exploring we came across this gorgeous field of cosmos flowers tucked away behind some restaurants. Its so hidden you could easily miss it. I just happened to see a camera symbol on a sign with an arrow and decided to check it out ha-ha. So glad I did!
Field of Flowers

Check out that smolder! He’s available ladies ūüėČ

E World Field of Flowers

Emily Lynn