Hi Everyone! As you may have seen from my IG I made my first attempt at a triathlon last weekend. Have you ever considered trying one? ….me neither! I still can’t quite believe I did it. If Emily from Simply Us hadn’t told me about the Go Girl Triathlon I probably would never have even thought to try one, as I’m definitely not a fan of running nor am I a very strong swimmer. But I’m so glad I did it! And dare I say I kinda want to do it again! Something I did NOT think I was going to say at all. I thought “well it’ll be cool to say I survived…..and NEVER try it again.” But idk….I might be hooked. Its definitely nice to have a fitness goal that doesn’t have anything to do with measurements or numbers on a scale or dress size but simply overall fitness and ability to complete something that’s physically challenging.

If you are considering giving it a shot…and your a girl….you should definitely try the Go Girl Triathlon. Its 200 meters swimming, 8 miles biking and 2 miles running and everyone is encouraging and supportive so its not as intimidating. Most people were doing it for their first time as well. Here are a few tips and tricks of what you’ll need to wear and do if your considering giving it a go.

Find a Partner in Crime

Finding someone to do it with you for accountability and encouragement is really great. I wouldn’t have trained as much as I did if Emily hadn’t done it with me.


You really want to be sure you do a good amount of training beforehand. Its going to be tough no matter what but you don’t want to go it without having done anything to prepare. From things I’ve read you want to try to do everything twice in a week. I didn’t do that but I did swim as much as I could and did a few spin classes and biked outside as well as on a stationary bike followed by a run to get used to the feeling of running after biking for awhile. I’ll admit though on the day of the race I mostly walked. As I said running isn’t my thing but if I do it again I’m going to work on running more.

Don’t Buy all the Gear and Gadgets

Its not really necessary to have all the cool gear and gadgets for your first triathlon…at least not for the one I did. I just bought a sports swimsuit, compression shorts and a helmet (didn’t think about the helmet till the day before lol…you HAVE to have one). Then I borrowed my moms bike because hers was better than mine. The only other three things I wish I had had were goggles, towel (yea…forgot that one) and maybe a swim cap.


Make sure to get plenty of water. Drink a good amount the night before and when you get up a couple hours before the race. And bring it with you as you do the race.

Have fun!

Don’t worry so much about beating everyone. Go at your pace and focus on completing the race and then reward yourself with an awesome breakfast!

Outfit details:

Would you ever try a triathlon? Have you already? What did you think and what advice would you give to others interested in trying for the first time?


Emily Lynn