Koko head trail in Oahu Hawaii is brutal. Its a tough hike up the side of Koko Crater. Starting out is pretty easy just walking along the dirt path then it turns into steps and then old railroad tracks. As you go you start breathing heavier and it starts getting harder and harder. You feel like giving up. Then you get halfway, and as you walk along the tracks the ground starts separating from them and you are walking above a 20 foot deep ravine. If you’re like me that freaks you out. You keep going and the hike gets steeper. You may be wondering why you decided to do this crazy hike in the first place. Finally after lots of stops and water breaks you make it! And the view just blows you away. The hike is forgotten and you just look in awe of the beauty that surrounds you.

That is a lot like life. Its tough, its scary, the ground gives way beneath your feet but if you keep going and keep fighting for what you know is right and remember that something wonderful is ahead, you will make it and it will have been worth it. Keep fighting, God has you and will carry you through.


Emily Lynn