Two things I never thought I’d do again after the horrible teen years. Loose fitting jeans and white sneakers. I’ll just say I didn’t pull them off well… At that time though I didn’t know what I was doing. It was all about comfort and ease then. Nothing else. ha-ha.

I remember I had a pair of shoes nick named “my fast shoes” they were ginormous tennis shoes that I could slide into really fast because…well…they were huge! Made the mistake of telling my cousin that and got teased pretty relentlessly for it.

During my latest visit to IN I went out shopping with my friend who convinced me to try out boyfriend jeans. Found out later they were actually girlfriend jeans…similar idea but a little more fitted…thankfully since I’m not a huge fan of baggy. When she suggested them I think her exact words were “you should try them! I think they look really good on people with a flat butt.” Yeah we’re not really friends anymore…. 😛

After setting aside my hurt feelings I gave them a try and I kinda like them actually. Now idk if I’m ever giving up my skinny jeans or anything but they’re a nice comfy casual look. And I think I pull them off at least a little better than when I was in my awkward teen years. Especially loving them paired with these white adidas. Perfect for taking a long reminiscent walk down our old country road.

Memory Lane, White Adidas and Boyfriend Jeans
This road seemed so much longer as a kid. We biked it and walked it all the time. When it was first paved I remember reaching down to touch it. I always wanted to know what pavement felt like lol. yeah, I was a weird kid.

Never a lack of dogs around here. Which we did not mind! …at least us kids. 😉 We had so many strays that would come and we couldn’t help but feed…much to my parents dismay. We’d name and adopt them till my parents decided they had to go bc we couldn’t keep every dog that came in addition our own dogs. We were always sad but I understand more now than I did then.

I used to be able to walk this gravel road barefoot. Had tough feet back then. lol My philosophy was if the Lord intended me to wear shoes I would’ve been born with them. 😛 But, if the shoes are cool then….I’ll make an exception.   Dad taught all of us how to swim in this pond. Our first time getting in we had dropped a plastic bag in and Dad was afraid the ducks would choke on it so we formed a chain to try and grab then we just started playing around. Then Dad jumped in! You couldn’t stay still long though or the fish would bite! Moving to SC and having a pool it felt weird for awhile that we could actually stay still and relax without fear of fish nibbling at us. lol Memory Lane, White Adidas and Boyfriend JeansMy outfit is all from Altar’d State (Top, Jeans) and the shoes I got from Rack Room Shoes I believe. Below are similar options.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos taken by Ashley Roberts Photography and edited by me.

Emily Lynn


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    Ruth Z.

    September 16, 2017

    Where did you get the necklace? It’s pretty!

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      Emily Lynn

      September 16, 2017

      Thank you! I got it from Earthbound 🙂