white-moto-daily-uniformThis week has been so busy for me I’ve barely had time to get ready each day…forget about makeup…not happening! Its fun to come up with cool and different outfits to wear and ways to spice up your look, but sometimes you just don’t have time for that. I think it’s a good idea, particularly when life gets crazy, to have a daily uniform that you can just throw on and run out the door. That way even when you only have 15 min you can still look put together with little effort.


For me my go-to….especially in the colder seasons…is a pair of black jeggings, basic top and jacket. I have two jackets that I wear all the time! They’re knit moto style jackets that I got from express in both black and white. They have been life savers for me! I think everyone should have a white and black blazer/jacket. Black is just classic and white helps on those days when you can’t do another day of all black or you’ll just feel sad and gloomy……tell me I’m not the only one who feels that way about black after a while! lol




Do you have a uniform that you typically wear during the week? I’d love to see! Feel free to share in the comments on my FB page or tag me on instagram! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Emily Lynn