My next snapshots guest I had the opportunity to meet for the first time at a music event. Let me just say if you ever get the opportunity to hear her sing, do it! She has an amazing powerhouse voice and puts so much heart into it.

During her performance she shared her story of being sexually abused when she was younger and how she started a ministry called One Touch Transformation. It is a ministry focused on raising awareness of sexual abuse and helping others who have gone through it. She is such an inspiration in that she has chosen not to let this traumatic event in her past rule over her present and future. Instead, she has chosen to use it to help those who have gone through it as well and fight to prevent it from happening to others. Without further ado please meet the lovely Arthenius 🙂


Background: Born and raised in Hartsville, she moved to Florence to study at FMU and get a degree in Mass Communications. Loves singing, playing guitar, watching movies “I love scary Movies” Loves to laugh and spend time with family and friends.

Job: Currently doing her dream job and working her organization One Touch Transformation. “My other dream job would probably be singing & modeling. ha-ha I love taking pictures and love the fashion mixed with it so, yeah. I kinda like the big stage. I love broadway musicals, if I could be in a broadway musical it would be Lion King.”




How would you describe your style? “Of course everybody probably says unique but um…..animated, perky…I would say a little conservative but kinda on the edge.”

Favorite Places to shop? Windsor, Forever 21, Pennys “There’s a store in Hartsville called Raised Down South. I love their clothes too.”


Who inspires you? “My Father.” Explaining further she said, “He wasn’t raised by his father or his mother, so he was raised by his Aunt. His Aunt took him in and they were up in NY at the time and so after he got to an age of around 14 he was sent down south and he stayed with some more family and based on his background and how his other family turned out to be he excelled, he went to college got his degree in accounting. So now he’s working at Francis Marion. He’s been out there for 20 years…and so when I see other people who kinda fall in that category and are not successful I always say well that shouldn’t be an excuse because I’ve seen my father overcome what he’s been through. It pushes me to be better than what I think I can.”

What makes you feel most confident and beautiful? “Good question. I guess I would have to say my past. Everything that I went through from being abused as a child sexually….. it played a huge part on my confidence and self-esteem as a child and even into my adulthood but ever since I dealt with it and come out with my story it has actually I guess flipped my confidence level and my self-esteem level and made me see the beauty that lies within me and I can finally accept my scars and bruises and see that they are actually beautiful its what makes me who I am, so… I would say my past and knowing what I’ve been through made me who I am.”
If People could only know one thing about you what would it be? “I can be silly. ha-ha I really can be. I don’t really show it but I can be sometimes.”


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Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? “I do. I’ve been wearing the cropped denim jackets with everything. ha-ha It just works with everything. And my heels.”

This girls makes me feel like a wimp when it comes to heels! she says she wears 4-6 in heels. I struggle with 1-1 1/2 in! ha-ha

Arthenius-3What’s one thing you like most about being you? “My name. My Grandfathers name was Arthur and he had a daughter which he thought was going to be a son so originally the name was going to be Arthen but we found out it was a girl so that’s when they added the ius so my Dad he loved the name so much he’s like well he’s gonna name me that. ha-ha I haven’t met anyone else with that name.”

I very much enjoyed talking with Arthenius and getting to know her. She has a contagious smile and energy about her. Her story reminds me of something my older sister has said in the past about believing that part of the reason we go through the difficult things we do is so that we can turn around and sympathize with and encourage others dealing with the same thing and show them they are not alone.

Please go to her site to find out more about her and her organization One Touch Transformation.


Emily Lynn