I love how Jordan Leigh’s family’s gift for all things artsy just shines in their Christmas décor! I think next year I need them to show me how they do that beautiful fruit garland on the doors! Keep reading and find out some of the unique traditions Jordan Leigh and her family have around Christmas. 🙂 

Favorite Christmas Song?

“I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” is the one that really embodies what Christmas is to me and “Carol of the Bells” is the one that never fails to make me feel Christmasy.

Favorite Christmas Movie?


What does Christmas mean to you?

In the scheme of God’s salvation plan, the first Christmas was the beginning of the end of death. That’s what we’re celebrating! When I think about that, it’s a lot easier not to get stressed out trying to have a postcard perfect Christmas.

First and/or favorite Christmas Memory?

One time my grandpa got me and my cousins flashlights with these little colored lenses you could change out. We spent that night running around in the dark with our colored light beams and it was just the best.

Any family traditions?

For some reason my mom and sister and I put a cucumber in my dad’s stocking. It then escalated into trying to find weirder and weirder produce items for him each year. We’ve never topped the horned melon.

Santa Clause or no Santa Clause, how did your family approach that topic?

My parents never made me think Santa was real, but they told me to go along with it so I didn’t spoil the magic for the grown ups

Favorite Christmas treat?

My grandma makes this amazing crab dip that we have every year. I love it!

Loving that bee tattoo. <3 She drew that design herself just before getting it done!

How do you prepare for Christmas?

I just start accumulating a whole bunch of greenery and putting it all over the house. It’s gets more and more festive as Christmas gets closer


January 3, 2018

Emily Lynn