today is going to be a good dayWe all have down days. Sometimes down weeks and we can’t always explain it. It could be our job, lives, a number of little things piling up and becoming big things in our minds or nothing we can really put our finger on. Sometimes, in a single day I can go from being super happy and excited about life to being so low I just want to crawl into bed and start over. It’s not fun. Here are a few ideas for trying to help get out of that rut.

Listen to Encouraging Music
Some of my favorites are Life Is Beautiful by the Afters, Good To Be Alive by Andy Grammer and Day One by Matthew West. Sometimes I’ll just go for a drive out in the country and blast the music.

Think about the Good Things
There are so many blessings in our lives that we forget about and don’t acknowledge. I have my health, wonderful caring friends and family, a good job etc….start running through the list and thank God for them.

Get Some Vitamin D
Honestly the winter months can be the worst. Its cold, we don’t want to get outside and don’t get out in the sun so we don’t always get enough vitamin D and that can cause us to get SAD. Now that the weather has changed and we’re into the sunny season get out and go for a walk in the sunshine and consider taking some vitamin D. Sounds odd but low vitamin D can be a contributing factor to feeling kinda blah.

Focus On Someone Else
Sometimes we just need to get outside of ourselves and try to encourage another person. That can often times make you forget about your problems and make you feel better all while lifting someone else at the same time.

Read the Bible
God tells us over and over to be joyful don’t worry about the future He’s got it. Whatever you’re going through if you’re His He’s going to take care of you. Trust that.


Get your blood pumping and beat the blues with a kickbox workout or whatever kind of workout you like the best. Seriously, I don’t always feel like it but I’m always glad when I do workout. I feel like I accomplished something. It really helps!

Cat Videos…The best thing to come from social media
I’m not a huge cat person but watching youtube videos of their crazy antics is so much fun! It always gets me laughing and laughter is good for the soul. 😉
Diffuse essential oils
I like Diffusing Lemon and Joy from Youngliving. I also like adding their Citrus Fresh to my water for added flavor and its mood boosting effects. Lemon can do a lot to help boost your mood.

Last but not least remember that this is a day the Lord has made and whatever you’re going through He has good things in store for you. Chin up. Life is good, even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

Emily Lynn


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    June 5, 2017

    Love the cat videos 🙂 It’s true that they help!

    • Reply

      Emily Lynn

      June 6, 2017

      They really do! haha

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    June 5, 2017

    Great ideas! Music always helps me when I’m feeling anxious and sunshine is a huge factor too! Going for a drive helps a lot too.

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      Emily Lynn

      June 6, 2017

      Thank you! yes it does!