I recently did a photo shoot with my soon to be sister-in-law that turned out so beautiful (if I do say so myself)! Of course, having such a beautiful model who knows how to pose definitely made my part so much easier. I love the confidence she exudes in every pose!

While getting ready to post one of the photos on my photography IG, I was looking for a quote to put with the photo and I found one by Blake Lively that said “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” I really like that quote but my analytical mind started thinking about it more (I pretty much question everything these days). Confidence is good and we should be confident but, in what? Ourselves? Our beauty? As a Christian I don’t know about that. Why is confidence the main thing our world advocates as beauty? There are definitely times when confident isn’t so pretty. When confidences equals self absorption it can get pretty unattractive in fact.

The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met is definitely a confident woman….but I don’t think of her as confident in herself, or needing to prove to anyone that she’s confident. She exudes a very godly confidence. She knows how much she is valued and loved by God and her confidence comes from Him. She wears humility and kindness because of it and there’s a peace that surrounds her.

That is the beauty to wear and strive for. Those are just some thoughts I have whirling in my head at the moment. Now, here are a few of the shots from the photo shoot!


Emily Lynn


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    September 6, 2017

    She has always been beautiful inside and out!! As a child she was confident in a very humble way but then I’m a little prejudice when it comes to sweet Sarah .

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      Emily Lynn

      September 6, 2017

      She’s awesome! I’m really looking forward to having her as a sister in law. <3